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  • The Company

    Global Virtual Professionals is a virtual assistance company with offices in Spain and Germany dedicated to helping clients globally, offering professional support to their businesses.

    The company was founded by two partners with extensive working experience in various business areas like Human Resources, Management, Project Development and Assistance, Service, Tourism, among others. By joining forces, it is possible for us to have a clear and broader view of what our clients need and therefore provide them with custom-made support at different levels.

    We, at GVP, also have extensive academic background and have handled numerous research and academic projects in the past and would love to continue doing so for YOU! We have what it takes to help you outstand in the crowd!

    Last but not least, we can handle all projects in English and Spanish thus offering our expert support to people all over the world!

    In a nutshell, our goal is to help you succeed!



    Need to know how we work?

    - We only offer those services where we can provide the experience and the necessary competences to carry them off.

    - We maintain a flexible working pattern that allows us to handle last-minute projects.

    - We provide our clients with accurate cost and time estimates for their projects.

    - We hand in our work always on time and with the specifications you requested.

    - We keep an honest and open working relationship with our clients. 

    Please, take a minute to browse through our list of services or to learn more about us. Or if you are ready, contact us

    Our Mission

    To be a partner, a goal facilitator and helping hand, companies and individuals can trust, providing all clients with high-quality professional support to help them reach their objectives through working ethics important to us, like accountability, confidentiality and responsibility.



    Our Vision

    To become a global reference as a company that provides high-quality, professional virtual services to companies and individuals, that stands out from others by the accountability, efficiency and honesty with which we do business as well as our bilingual abilities.


    Values and Pledge

    Our values as a company:

    Ethics – Respect – Honesty – Accountability – Efficiency – Commitment - Diligence    


    Make us commit ourselves to our clients as follows:

    Handle all interaction with our clients with the highest level of professional ethics, so we shall never compromise in any way their security or the confidentiality of their projects, and ensuring the originality and authenticity of our work.

    Maintain a friendly and respectful relationship with our clients so that they feel comfortable in partnering with us for future projects.

    Conduct our business in an honest way so we shall never make promises we are not capable to fulfill; we shall not lie or overstate the reach of our capabilities and abilities as professionals in order to engage in a new project.

    Assume responsibility for the results of our work at all times and honor our commitments.

    Do our job in an effective and efficient way; therefore, optimizing the time and resources needed for a task and so reaching our goals with the highest quality level possible.

    Make ourselves known for our strong commitment to our clients and our work, giving our best as professionals in order to satisfy our clients’ expectations.

    Show diligence at all times, always meeting deadlines and answering promptly to any demands made by our clients.