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    The company was founded by two partners with extensive working experience in various business areas like Human Resources, Management, Project Development and Assistance, Service, Tourism, among others. By joining forces, it is possible for us to have a clear and broader view of what our clients need and therefore provide them with custom-made support at different levels.

    María Blanca

    She is one of the founders of the company and in charge of the office in Spain, with over 30 years of experience on teaching, management and research. An engineer graduate, with a PhD with honors in Engineering Projects and an extensive career on the teaching field, held for 20 years various leading positions at a renowned university in Venezuela. Accurate, hard-working, positive and courageous in front of a new challenge and having a very organized mind are maybe the best ways to describe her.

    “As an independent professional, I now seek to help other people in their businesses with all the experience I've gathered through years of hard work. I have a partner that complements my abilities and competences so that together we can reach out for more people in different fields and help them succeed.”


    María Alejandra

    Co-founder of the company and responsible for the GVP office in Germany, she graduated with honors in English Philology, majoring in Translation and in Business. She has mostly developed her professional experience in the areas of marketing, service and tourism. A passionate for different cultures and their ways of communicating and working, she has traveled around the world, learning from the people she meets and adding each enriching experience to her way of doing business.

    “Creating this company is a personal challenge that thrills me. I'm always looking forward for a new professional challenge, meeting new people and help them in any way I can. It motivates me to think that with our expertise we are able to help entrepreneurs reach their goals faster and more effectively.”